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The effect of nano silver, what is the effect of nano silver, is it really that powerful?

In terms of the efficacy of nanosilver, it can be roughly divided into:
a. Antibacterial and deodorizing: Using multiple antibacterial mechanisms, effective antibacterial, and not resistant to drugs, with long-acting functions.
b. Water purification: activated carbon woven fabric as a carrier, which can replace chlorine to become a brand-new water purification material.
c. Antiseptic: resist the growth of mold and effectively achieve antiseptic function.
d. Medical treatment: treating diseases, anti-inflammatory, and promoting wound healing.
Through the above functions, we apply nanosilver to the following areas:
a. Water purification filter material
b. Antibacterial coating
c. Sanitary products series
d. Antibacterial fiber cloth series
e. Various cleaning agents series
f. New antibacterial dressing series

In terms of the bactericidal mechanism of ions (Ag+), because silver ions can destroy the bacterial cell membrane or strongly attract the sulfhydryl group of the B protein in the bacterial body at a very low concentration, and quickly combine to reduce the enzyme activity of the bacterial organism and produce antibacterial At the same time, it exerts a long-lasting antibacterial effect by slowly releasing silver ions. Research has found that it can kill more than 650 bacteria.
The effect of nanosilver, what is the role of nanosilver, is it really that powerful?
Therefore, the antibacterial, deodorant, non-toxic, and harmless content of nanosilver has gradually become the top antibacterial and antifungal products. Especially in the prevention and control of mold growth, and common bacteria in life such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pneumoniae bacillus, etc. have significant effects.
Nano-silver effect: at the same time it achieves the sterilization effect, it will free from the dead bacteria and continue to repeat the action on the living bacteria until all the bacteria are eliminated. The nano-silver antibacterial component remains the original antibacterial without any loss So it's antibacterial ability can be effective for a long time