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The distinction between the silver ion and nanosilver disinfectant spray

With the variation of the social environment, the nanosilver disinfectant spray has been applied to various industries and almost substitutes the traditional silver ion antibacterial spray. Then, what are the main differences between the silver ion and nanosilver? Today let's learn a lot about it.

What is nanosilver?

Nanosilver is a metal silver elementary substance with a less than 100nm diameter, generally 20-50nm. It is a silver particle constituted by the atomic structure rather than a silver ion. Nanosilver is a solid powder without an electric charge. It is processed into a metallic silver elemental with a particle diameter of less than 100 nm through a physical and chemical method.

Nanosilver is black powder, and its products are made by mixing nanosilver into the medium or base material in different ways. For the homemade disinfectant spray, its solution is the suspension of nanosilver, and the color varies with the concentration and becomes deep with the increase of the concentration, from yellow to crimson. The particle in the liquid is a rough texture. The application of nanosilver is closely relative to whether its particle size possesses the nano effect. Nanosilver can be made into the best disinfectant spray.

The characteristics of nanosilver

As the newest generation of natural antibacterial agent, nanosilver particle possesses these characteristics as follows:

  1. Broad-spectrum antibacterial and a bacterial killer without any drug resistance.
  2. Effectively killing the bacteria, it can kill various germs within several minutes.
  3. With a strong penetrability, it can swiftly penetrate under the skin through pores to kill the bacteria. It possesses a good bacterial killing effect on the infection caused by the ordinary, stubborn, and drug-resistant bacteria and fungus.
  4. Promoting healing. It improves the organization surrounded the wound, effectively stimulates and contributes to the growth of cells, speeds up the wound healing, and declines the generation of scars.
  5. Enduring antibacterial. The nanosilver particle with a protection film is emitted gradually in people's bodies using patented technology production. Therefore, the anti-bacterial effect is enduring.

The silver ion

A silver ion is a positively charged cation formed when the metal silver loses more than one electron, such as Ag1+, Ag2+, Ag3+, etc. Existed in form of a liquid, a silver ion possesses the effect of oxidation and is commonly used to kill bacterias.

Nanosilver manufacturing technology, Japan for the maximum of 4 ~ 5-nanometer units. Namely, one nano-silver powder particle can contain 40 ~ 50 ions (atoms). The size of the fine powder particles is 10 ~ 20-nanometer units with the general nanometer silver manufacturing technology. That's 100 to 200 ions (atoms).

Inorganic antibacterial agent, safe, long-acting, high-temperature resistance. No tolerant bacteria will appear.

The antibacterial function component of the Ag antibacterial agent is the silver ion. As an antibacterial agent, the silver ion possesses many strengths, including security, broad-spectrum, long residual action, no resistance bacterium, obvious antibacterial effect, etc., which is pretty ideal.

Generally speaking, one of the inhibitions (killing) mechanisms is to prevent the proliferation of bacterial cells. As a positive ion, an Ag ion is absorbed into the cytomembrane of the bacteria and makes a reaction with the intracellular enzyme, which makes protein metabolism disorder, prevents the metabolism, and stops the proliferation of cells. Bacteria run out of energy and lose vitality in the process of eliminating foreign components in the body.


The effect of nanosilver disinfectant spray is stronger than the silver ion, especially in killing diseases and bacterias. Nanosilver disinfectant spray has been widely used in many large-scale spots, such as schools, hospitals, public transportation, etc. We need to choose a DIY disinfectant spray manufacturer, and the Otevey is recommended.

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