Protect things with the Antibacterial Film

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An Antibacterial Film is a coating place over the substrate to eliminate the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew. It is considered as one of the highest measures for cleanliness as a priority. This film fights and ion spray harmful bacteria and other biological contaminants. Keeping surfaces, and things clean is the priority from doors to countertops or the smallest item requires proper cleaning and protection.

Features of Antibacterial Film

●It is compatible with a variety of surfaces.
●It is resistant to water and washes.
●Film long lasts for hours and leads to increased performance.
●It is durable in nature and tear-resistant.
● It is non-toxic and promotes a healthier and better environment.
●It can be used at different ranges of temperatures.
●It aids in the safety of workers, customers, and products.

Applications of film

●It provides an additional coating on protective tapes and labels.
●The film covers the used and shared surfaces.
●It protects the building, tools, and other shared pieces of equipment.
●The biological contamination transmission.
●It is used for the cleaning of smaller and larger equipment here such as touchscreen, surfaces, surgical trays, and other supplies equipment.
●It is used as a packaging lining for medical equipment.

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