High Conductivity Low Temperature Conductive Silver Paste for PET Film Screen Printing
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High Conductivity Low Temperature Conductive Silver Paste for PET Film Screen Printing

The product DT1201 is a high conductivity low temperature conductive silver paste for screen printing, specially designed for the PET film and ITO film substrate applications such as keyboard circuit, membrane switches, printing resistance& electric heating element, etc.
It has features of low sheet resistance, short drying time, excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility, good adhesion, etc.
Due to the stable electrical conductivity performance and strong adaptability, it becomes one of the most popular silver paste used in the applications which requires low temperature curing.



The low temperature curing conductive silver paste refers to the silver paste with curing temperature of 100-200℃. DT1201 silver conductive paste is mainly used as conductive materials for applications such as membrane switches, membrane keyboards, flexible circuits, and printed electronics.
It can be printed on substrate of plastic or flexible plate, such as PC, PET, PVC, PU film, EL panel and ITO film.


Technical Spec

Test Properties
Viscosity (Pa.S)
(NDJ-99, 4#, 10rpm, 25±1℃)
Solid Content (%)
Screen Mesh (Stainless steel screen)
Screen Mesh (Polyester screen)
Recommended Drying T/t
130℃/30min, or 150℃/10min
Coverage(cm 2 /g)
(dependent on film thickness)
Sheet Resistance(Ω/sq) (film thickness: 6µm)
Adhesion/ Tape Pull (3M Scotch Tape #600)
No Ag Transfer
Abrasion Resistance, Pencil Hardness(H)
Not Recommended
Operating Use Temperature (℃)
Shelf Life
Six Months from Date of Shipment


Production Flowchart

Normally the typical steps for the electronic paste manufacturing is as below.

1) Raw materials inspection(mainly Ag and Al metal powder); 2) Materials adjust mixed and dispersion; 3) Rolled pulp; 4) Vacuumize; 5) Function Test(including Viscosity, fineness, conductivity, adhesion, solderability, etc.); 6) Package.

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