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    Disposable E-cigarette 800 Puffs Electronic Cigarettes The disposable e-cigarette is with 550mAh battery and 800 puffs. Get the most out of your disposable e-cigarette with 3.0ml e-liquid of enjoyable flavors - choose between cool mint, grape, blueberry, strawberry watermelon, lush ice, pina colada, mango, peach ice, pineapple, mixed berry, lychee…
  • Rechargeable E-cigarette
    Rechargeable E-cigarette Specify materials for baby products Safer entranceThe atomizer selects PCTG macromolecule environmental protection material Comply with FDA,NSF,ROHS certification Does not contain bisphenol A(BPA) It is the designated material for international baby products Japan aerospace aerodynamics atomization core Smoothness increased 3 times Quick oil transfer, fine atomization and high…
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