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Nano Silver antibacterial spray, essential to fight the epidemic

The advantages of nanosilver antibacterial spray

Scientists have discovered that nano-silver disinfectant is expected to kill the new coronavirus.

Because the ability to kill the bacterial for nano-silver is really strong, and it is not harmful to people and animals, the silver water filter is used by more than half of the airlines in the world. Swimming pools in many countries also use silver to purify.

1. Broad-spectrum antibacterial, powerful sterilization. According to the research findings, silver ions can kill more than 650 types of bacterial within a few minutes, including most bacteria, fungi, molds, spores, and other microorganisms that come into contact with it.

2. No resistance. One antibiotic can kill about 6 pathogens, but a nano-silver can kill hundreds of pathogens microorganisms. At the same time, it has the same killing effect on antimicrobial-resistant bacteria! Because of its inability to reproduce the virus, it is unable to produce the next generation of drug resistance. It can effectively avoid recurring attacks due to drug resistance.

3. Strong permeability and deep cleansing of subcutaneous viruses. Common disinfectant spray on the market, such as alcoholic or chlorine-containing 84 disinfectant, can only disinfect the skin and the surface of objects but can’t remove toxins from the human body deeply. Nano-silver particles are different, and it has super permeability, which can quickly penetrate 2mm under the skin to sterilize. Deeper tissue infections caused by the common, stubborn, resistant bacteria and fungi have a good bactericidal effect.

4. Repairing regenerative cells and accelerating wound healing.

5. Antibacterial effect lasting 10 hours. The protective masks we use generally need to be replaced every 4 hours. Nanosilver particles are produced using patented technology. There is a protective film outside, which can be released gradually in the human body, so the antibacterial effect can last for more than 10 hours.


As for the epidemic, I recommend you the medical-grade hand disinfectant, TEVEY disinfectant spray. TEVEY is a professional manufacturer specialized in nanosilver disinfectants, which has been engaged in Nano-silver sanitizing for many years. The medical-grade hand sanitizers are all anti-bacterial with nano-silver ions. TEVEY products have passed the environmental-friendly test of SGS, which is corresponding with each countries' standard. In addition to the high-standard hardware facilities, exclusive patented technology is the core of the product performance. The research for TEVEY shows that nano-silver ions can form a layer of hand sanitizer on the skin surface for a longer time. The physical antibacterial film can block a large number of bacteria and penetrate the skin through the pores for sterilization. The most important thing is that there is no drug resistance and no weakening of the effect due to too long use.

In addition to daily household use, TEVEY hand disinfectant and antibacterial spray are also widely used in major local hospitals and clinics with more than hundreds of. Wide recognition and trust are inseparable from the high-standard producing processes in TEVEY. If you need any help, please contact TEVEY by e-mail:[email protected].

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