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Lysol disinfectant spray,permitted to appear on the market by the US

The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has just approved the listing of two disinfectant sprays that can kill SARS-CoV-2 on the surface of objects, a virus that can cause new coronary pneumonia. The agency stated that according to the laboratory examination, Lysol disinfectant spray and Lysol disinfectant Max Cover spray are valid in preventing the transmission of coronary pneumonia on the surface.

US Environmental Protection Agency Director Andrew Wheeler said in a statement: "The Environmental Protection Agency is committed to identifying new tools and providing accurate and up-to-date information to help Americans protect themselves and their families from the harm of COVID-19. "

A spokesperson for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in an interview in March that spray manufacturers must prove that their products are clear about the effects of the new crown pneumonia virus. They also pointed out that products without an EPA registration number have not been reviewed by the EPA. According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one way to prevent new coronary pneumonia is to clean and disinfect surfaces that people frequently touch every day.

According to the CDC website, while wiping the surface, the CDC continues to require the public to maintain social distancing, wear masks in public and clean their hands frequently and thoroughly to effectively prevent the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus.

In order to fight against COVID-19, TEVEY manufactures a type of best disinfectant which includes a kind of ingredient of nanosilver.

In the industry of aquaculture,sanitizer plays role in killing bacterial, changing the oxidation-reduction potential of water, flocculation, and increasing oxygen. But ordinary disinfectant has a great side-effect, for instance, some harmful substance like ammonia can increase, killing or stifling algae, and strong stimulation. As for the different growing stages, conditions, water environment of aquaculture animals, the suitable disinfectant should be properly aimed to choose. Therefore, a new type of disinfectant with high efficiency, green, and no stimulation is must-have for the development of aquaculture.

Nanoparticles have strong abilities to penetrate and kill bacterial, and quick results.

Nanoparticles are very small, and can't be found by eyes. Super nanosilver possesses exclusive technology of making particles that can turn Ag into microparticles of 5-7nm, which can directly penetrate cells. The smaller the particle size of Ag, the stronger ability to penetrate. And Ag particle can directly enter the inside of cells, damage the functional groups of bacterial, virus and so on, and powerfully kill bacterial and virus. Because the size of bacterial and virus is small, but Ag particles are smaller than them, can directly enter into the cells, and there is no need to pre-react for Ag ions that immediately react with Pathogen so that it can swiftly kill bacterial and virus, and take effect quickly.

Nanosilver disinfectant now is widely applied for various industries on the market. For your health, I suggest choosing the nanosilver sanitizer spray as early as possible. TEVEY is a manufacturer of nanosilver disinfectants, welcome to send your inquiry.

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