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Epidemic rebounds in many places in cold winter, technological anti-epidemic disinfection robot rushes to the front

The freezing cold of minus 29 degrees has rebounded from the epidemic. The scenery of fighting against the epidemic under the great storm in many medium and high-risk areas makes us anxious. In order to prevent the epidemic of overseas from input, and the internal multi-point from distribution, the advanced technological anti-epidemic motivation causes many people's attention, under the very cold weather, the hospital technological disinfection robot rushes to the front, in order to protect more medical personnel from injured.

Hospital Sense Prevention and Control is the key point of this round of epidemic. According to the report of the Shenyang epidemic prevention and control press conference on Jan. 14th, in this outbreak, Shenyang has reported 27 local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, which contains 5 medical personnel in these confirmed cases, and 13 confirmed patients are related to a hospital that is the crucial place of a series of epidemic transmission.

The cross-infection in the hospital causing the epidemic risks

In the afterward epidemic era, the hospitals as a first defense line for anti-epidemic, pay much attention to the Hospital Sense Prevention and Control. If they do not do great in the prevention and control, not only does it cause great exposure infectious risks to patients, but it also seriously threaten the medical personnel saving the patients in the hospital.

The epidemic transmission caused by the problems of Hospital Sense Prevention and Control happens from time to time. When the domestic epidemic is slightly relieved in April, there are 4 hospitals in Heilongjiang occurring nosocomial infections, which causes the super transmission event of one person infecting 99 people. The epidemic of Qingdao broke out in October because both the ordinary patients and the new coronary patients are treated in the same CT room, which causes cross infections.

Since the epidemic came into the prevention and control of normalization, the aspects of the policy to Hospital Sense Prevention and Control are one of the focused emphasis. The relative apartment of epidemic prevention and control used to formulate documents of policies to emphasize the importance of Hospital Sense Prevention and Control and guide the medical organizations and medical personnel to do well in the technology of prevention and control.

Intelligent robot consolidates Hospital Sense Prevention and Control

The epidemic keeps for a long time, but people's energy is limited. And the high survival and concealment rate of new coronary pneumonia can be tested timely by systems, under this circumstance, applying some intelligent devices such as robots to assist the Hospital Sense Prevention and Control becomes the first choice for many hospitals. As is known, now the intelligent sanitizing robot has been used for the environment of high infectious risk, like outpatient hall, fever outpatient, laboratory, infectious diseases, Obstetrics and Gynecology, inpatient department, and so on.

The disinfection effect of robots can be tested more efficiently, and multi-functional prevent cross-infections

Different from manual disinfection which is a single way of sanitizing with time-consuming and labor-intensive, Tevey robot integrates two sanitizing patterns including dry fog and UV light disinfection, which can autonomously guide to fully automated disinfection, and it is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor and effective factor sensor. The robot can judge whether the effect of disinfection is eligible through awareness of the relative data, and implement the assignment according to the routine of disinfection ruled beforehand, which makes disinfection quantifiable and measurable. It makes sure the level of environmental disinfection through effective monitoring and puts an end to the hidden danger of hospital sense of disinfection not thoroughly.

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