Choose the best hand sanitizer for kids and fight against the epidemic

As for parents, their kids are the most important part of their life. And the kid's security is essential for parents to pay attention to, especially sanitation. To prevent kids from harmed by bacterial and viruses, parents need to choose the best hand sanitizer for kids.

What is wash-free hand sanitizer?

As the name suggests, it is a hand sanitizer that is not needed to wash.

At present, there are two kinds of hand sanitizers containing ordinary and wash-free hand sanitizers. The function of ordinary hand sanitizer is mainly to decontaminate, and it needs to be rinsed with running water to achieve its effect, while no-wash hand sanitizer does not need running water to rinse and looks more convenient.

Whether indoors or outdoors, children's hands are always the most frequently exposed parts of the outside world, so keeping the hygiene of the hands is pretty important. Hand sanitizer is a must-have for daily hand washing. Disposable hand sanitizer eliminates the need for children to stand on the sink to wash with water, so it is very popular among parents.

The harm of alcohol hand sanitizer to children

But what parents can't imagine is that the seemingly convenient "artifact" to bring a baby is actually a "toxic" that poisons the vast majority of children. The National Center for Disease Control recommends that the hand sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill bacterias. If the hand sanitizer contains 60% alcohol, it will be no less than high-purity edible wine. Once is it eaten by a child, it can easily cause alcohol poisoning.

what's the best hand sanitizer for kids?

The alcohol free hand sanitizer with nanosilver will be the best choice for parents because there is no alcohol in it, and the nanosilver is no poisoning and can kill the bacterial quickly and precisely. Nanosilver hand sanitizer can be the best choice for kids to use as a wash-free hand sanitizer.

The importance of wash-free hand sanitizer

The spread of the epidemic has made almost everyone take a wash-free sanitiser every day. When we are outside, our hands touch most frequently with the outside things. Hands, the easiest to infect viruses and bacteria, are the position of our body. You know that if the hands are not washed cleaning, it may be hidden millions of bacterial in your fingernails. If your hands touch your mouth, nose, or take the food directly into your mouth without washing, how many bacterial and viruses will you swallow every time you take a bite?

Your hands without washing the longer time, the more bacterial your hands. Washing hands is the best solution for the anti-bacterial, but the air is always dry now, resulting in that the skin is prone to dehydration and peeling when washing hands. Many people, including me, prefer to use wash-free sanitizer to clean and disinfect hands.

Actually, most wash-free sanitizers on the market take alcohol and Chloramine as the disinfection medium. The alcohol has strong penetrating power, and using frequent alcohol products may make your skin lose elasticity gradually. what's more, alcohol is very volatile, which will also take away the skin's moisture.


Children's skin is delicate, if you allow your kids to use the disinfectant with alcohol by accident, your kids' skin will become allergic and peeling. And when going out on a high-speed train or airplane, wash-free sanitizer with alcohol is not allowed to carry. And this is a troublesome thing that you apply a layer of hand cream after using a hand sanitizer.

So I strongly recommend a wash-free hand sanitizer without alcohol, from a hand sanitizer price manufacturer, TEVEY Import and Export Co., Ltd.


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